cold. CTY

cold. CTY is the urban artist and producer duo consisting of Andrei Amartinesei and Pontus Petersson. Growing up and existing in a world of Dragon Ball, Looney Tunes and Disney, 90’s R&B and Bubblegum Pop, cold. CTY bring flavorful stories from all angles. Super-commuting between LA and Stockholm as songwriters and producers, and touring the world as musicians have shaped the sound of cold. CTY. While inspired by melodic pop-hooks, cold. CTY are also paying tribute to the modern, hip-hop/R&B- oriented Toronto sound.

Their previous cuts include Peg Parnevik’s EP ”Don’t Tell Ma” and BROOKLNN’s “WHIP (Come Over)”.

The duo released their four-track debut EP “Jasmine” on 2nd February 2018 enlists the producers Tim Curry (Tory Lanez), A-Tripp (writer on Beyoncé’s “Ring Off”) and a featuring by the Chicago rapper Rockie Fresh.