Andreas Jamsheree

“For me, music is inspirational no matter the genre”; from post punk to trance, electronica to hip hop, RealNDY finds joy in all corners of music.

Andreas Jamsheree - the mind behind the music - took his first steps towards becoming RealNDY at 14 years of age when his uncle, who is an accomplished musician himself, gave him an old acoustic guitar that had been sitting at his grandmother’s house for years. With an early enthusiasm for songwriting, Andreas soon took up the electric guitar to form a teenage rock band with his school friends. After playing together for several years, drawing influence from groups like Thirty Seconds To Mars and My Chemical Romance, the band split leaving Andreas with a desire to explore different styles as a solo artist and producer for other artists. Today, he is producing all kinds of music from pop, hip hop to edm. It's all music and who cares what genre it. It's all about what touches your heart.

2020 he released with one of the biggest rappers in Sweden, Z.E. More will come..