Pontus Petersson

Pontus Petersson aka Oneye is really starting to bear the fruits of the last four years of consistent work around the world. The collaborations with people of different cultures has inspired him to create his own personal flavour that is finding its way into a wide variety of diverse releases. While his artist project “GAMMAL” has reached double platinum in Sweden he has no intention of slowing down his work abroad. As both a credited songwriter and producer he has worked most shades of pop which has taken him from session heavy trips in Los Angeles, K-Pop camps in Seoul to work all over Europe. He has a special passion for urban music which landed him a cut with A Boogie With A Hoodie which has opened more and new doors.

Notable cuts:

EXO-CBX - Diamond Crystal

JXN x A Boogie With Da Hoodie - Red Lights

King & Prince - Good Good Life (Nr 1 in Japan)

Notable Sessions:

The Disciples (How Deep Is Your Love)

Melanie Fontana ( BTS, Justin Bieber)