Debut single "Blommor där du står" from the swedish act GAMMAL.

South Korean singer and actress HYOMIN has released her new single ”U Um U Um”, co-written by Brooke Toia.


Taiwanese superstar JOLIN TSAI has released her new album "Ugly Beauty". The Kennel has 2 songs co-written on the album: ”Karma” by Hayley Aitken and Johan Gustafsson. ”Sweet Guilty Pleasure” by Hayley Aitken, Johan Moraeus and Olof Lindskog

The new single from the American duo TRITONAL is out now. Co-written by Harry Sommerdahl and Gavin Jones.

NOAH CYRUS is back with a new EP and the titletrack ”Good Cry” is co-written by Melisa Bester.

(Live performance)

The Youtube star JXN has released the masterpiece "Solitude" co-written and produced by Johan Gustafson.

BOY IN SPACE is back with the new mesmerising tune "California", written by Robin and Tom Lundbäck.

Dutch DJ MIKE MAGO has released a remix of THE DOG COLLECTIVE / SID ROSCO track "Always on my Mind". Originally written by Johan Gustafson and Gavin Jones.


Multi platinum artist PEG PARNEVIK is back with the new single ”Break Up a Bit”

co-written by Peg, Josefin Glenmark and Michael Fatkin.

New single ”Changing” is out with our master dog CONRAD SEWELL, Co-written by Conrad himself.


Listen to the new hit from HEARTS & COLORS revealing their love for "LA on a Saturday Night". Co-written by the boys themselves (Nicolai Kjellberg and Philip Tillström)


New 7-track EP is out from E^ST named ”Life Ain't Always Roses”. All songs are co-written by E^ST herself.

(Video Friends)

Swedish legend CAROLA has released her new single "Let it in", co-written by Sarah Lundbäck, Michael Fatkin and Carola herself. Produced by Erik Lewander and Mike Fatkin.

(Live performance)

Two new singles with the amazing Swedish Idol winner CHRIS KLÄFFORD. ”What Happened To Us” co-written by Brooke Toia and ”Sober” co-written by Scott Ritchie and Volantic (both produced by Volantic.).

(Acoustic performance)

Korean girlgroup NATURE delivers 100% energy in the single "Some (You'll be Mine)" written by Daniel Caesar, Ludwig Lindell, Hayley Aitken and Olof Lindskog.


Swedish phenomena YOHIO is back with his new single "Merry go Around", written by the artist himself.


New mesmarising album from STOCKHOLM NOIR. Every song is named by a demon. Co-written/produced by the Kennel dogs Gabriel Wagnberg and Andre Nazemi.

Australian artist FUTURE JR is back with the new track "I dont think we have it", co-written by Mitch Lewis.

ERIC CHOU (Taiwan) has released his new EP with 2 songs co-written by our Brooke Toia.

Swedish artists PATRIK ISAKSSON and ELLEN BERGSTRÖM has released the duett "Behöver inte dig mer", co-written by Erik Lewander and Josefin Glenmark.

Korean boygroup NCT127 is back with their new album "Regulate" containing the song "Welcome to My Playground" co-written by Johan Gustafson.

The new single "Relay" just got released by the Korean girlgroup (G)I-DLE, co-written by Erik Lewander and Hayley Aitken.

Danish artist ALEXANDER OSCAR is out with the new single "Chemistry", co-written by Hayley Aitken.

We've got 2 songs on Sony Musics Compilation EP "This is Christmas". Written by Peg Parnevik, Josefin Glenmark, Andrei Amartinesei and Pontus Petersson.

New stunning single out with BOY IN SPACE.. The song "Give Me" is written by Robin and Tom Lundbäck.

We have two songs on the stunning album ”Beautiful Lies” from BIRDY. ”Shadow”

co-written by Melisa Bester/E^st and

”Words” co-written by Conrad Sewell.

(Video Words)

The mega hit ”Firestone” by KYGO has reached more than 600.000.000 streams on Spotify. Co-written and featured by Conrad Sewell.


The incredible swedish album "Tvillingen" from Darin is out. Of course co-written by Darin himself.

Dutch artist SAVANNA has released her new single "Stuck on Replay", co-written by Hayley Aitken and Olof Lindskog.

New single "Like You Loved Us" out with BELLHOUSE. Co-written by Kamilla Bayrak.

Korean artist K.WILL has just released his new EP containing "Stay Tonight", written and produced by Caesar & Loui.

Australian band SUPER CRUEL has released the new single "Me+You", co-written by Mitch Lewis.

The dark shadow of electronic music STOCKHOLM NOIR has dropped the new single "Fear". Written by Gabriel Wagnberg and Peta Jeffress.

New single out with Andrelli.

Co-written and produced by our dogs Johan Gustafsson and Tom Lundbäck.

The legend BOA is back with a new album "Woman - The 9th Album" and the track "Like It" is co-written and produced by Caesar & Loui.

K-pop boy band MONSTA X has released their 2nd studio album “Take.1: Are You There?”. The track "Underwater" is co-written and produced by Caesar & Loui.

Legendary Korean boy band Shinhwa has released a new album including the single "Kiss Me Like That" written and produced by Caesar & Loui.


Japanese boyband COLOR CREATION has released their new EP "I'm Here / Blue Star". The track "Party Time" is co-written by Joel from Volantic.

Swedish duo KLARA & JAG just released their new single "Poetic", co-written and produced by Volantic.

The amazing DARSHAN from India has released his new single ”Do Din” co-written and produced by Erik Lewander.


Singaporian superstar SEZAIRI released his new single "Mirage", co-written by Harry Sommerdahl and Brooke Toia.

New single with our beautiful soul LEONY ”Boots”. Co-written by the star herself.


Our favourite Aussie girl E^ST is back with the new single "I Don't Lack Imagination".

Co-written by herself.


The latest SHY MARTIN singles ”Lose You Too”, ”Forget to Forget”, ”Bad in Common” and ”Good Together” are co-written by Hayley Aitken.

(Video Forget to Forget)

New single out with stunning TILDA AUSTEN. Co-written and produced by Harry Sommerdahl,

The energic single ”Change The World” from FOX BLANCO now has more than 23,000.000 streams and is still climbing. Co-written by Robin Lundbäck, Tom Lundbäck and Robin Nätterlund.

PEG PARNEVIK is back with a new single "Loafers". Co-written by Peg, Josefin Glenmark and Johan Gustafson who also produced the song.


New single with electropop duo ICONA POP. ”Girls Girls” co-written and produced by Johan Gustafson.

GAC (Indonesia) is back with the new album "Resonance". The Kennel has 8 songs on the album written and produced by Caesar & Loui, Ollipop, Andrei Amartinesei, Pontus Petersson and Harry Sommerdahl.

The Malaysian artist NYK has released a new EP "Unlovable". Co-written and produced by Pontus Petersson, Andrei Amartinesei and Erik Lewander.

(Video Pretty Burn)

GOLDEN VESSEL releases the new tune "BigBright" co-written by Melisa Bester.

New track "Fejdar ut" by Niello is out., Co-written by lovely Adéle Cechal!

GOT7 has released a new album called "Present: YOU". The track "I am me" is co-written by Ludwig Lindell.

(Live Performance)

CONRAD SEWELL is back with a new 2-track single "Healing Hands" and "Come Clean".

Co-written by Conrad himself.

(Video Healing Hands)

YOHIO is back and releases his first single in English since 2014. "Tick Tack" is written by YOHIO himself.

Our pooch Brooke Toia has co-penned the new single "Winner" by BASTIAN.

MARC released a Spanish version of “Love You Till Its Over”, co-written by our Brooke Toia.

Swedish artist SANNA NIELSEN has lighten up the winter with the x-mas tune "Christmas Candle", co-written by Hayley Aitken.

The debut single from German band SKYE is out. The track "Tragic" is Co-written by Leonie Burger, Harry Sommerdahl and Niklas Budinsky.

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