Sarah Lundbäck Bell

11 years ago, Sarah had the courage to test her new songs in the Stockholm subway. Little did she know it was the start of a incredible journey that would catapult her onto the international stage. Signing to Rajon/Sony in Australia and touring the country extensively was just the start, She was then asked to be on Australia’s Got Talent TV show at the same time as she was asked to be in Sweden’s Got Talent TV show.

Traveling between Sweden and Australia she reached Semi Finals in both TV show’s. After many TV appearances and a album release in over 14 countries Sarah was in demand with corporate brands like Max Factor, Volvo and Life Stye Mags inviting her to do numerous performances and motivation speeches. In 2010 Sarah co founded The Kennel and started to focus on writing songs for other artists. Sarah has had 3 Billboard #1’s and her song “I Got A Boy” has been viewed over 162 million times on Youtube.

Some of Sarah’s work includes

I Got A Boy / “Girls Generation” / SM Entertainment

My Best Mistake / “The Veronicas” / Warner Bros USA

Let Me Out / “The Veronicas” / Warner Bros USA

Deserter / “Jessica from The Pussycat Dolls” / Hollywood Records

I Don’t Get It / “Sons of Midnight” / Universal Music Europe

It Was Worth It / “Sons Of Midnight” / Universal Music Europe

So Beautiful / “Sons of Midnight” / Universal Music Europe

Head On / “Sons of Midnight” / Universal Music Europe

Never Forget / “Lena from T.a.T.u” / Universal Music Europe

Typical / “Girls Generation” / SM Entertainment

White Flag / “September” / Robbins Ent. USA